Chapter 71


She asked herself, “why she continued to pick the wrong men”. What was it about her, that made men think she needed to be beaten up. She sat in her kitchen waiting for the watched kettle to boil, while massaging her swollen left eye. Waking him up with the boiling water would be a nice surprise, a nice way of making him understand her pain. He walked into the kitchen and woke her up from her day-dream.

“Would you like a cup of tea my love?” She asked

Chapter 68

Hard Work Really?

Yes, that is what he told himself on a daily basis, that his work was hard work, he worked harder than everyone else. His food chain position was well-earned, due to his hard work. He agreed with himself that he worked harder than the people digging trenches to expand the fibre optic network. Behind his desk was a hard worker, a very hard worker, and he put his work before friends and family. Smiling down on all from the top the pyramid.


When you enjoy what you do, it is not hard work, but rather a kind  of game play. You live in the moment and the mind has no time to think about the concept of hard work. But you can’t tell the people on top of the food chain anything.

Any way this story is not about the man at the top even though his vanity and ego might force his average brain to think that, this story is about vieome’s book making the news, which of cause would not have being possible without the many visitors to the site, a word of thanks to all.




Chapter 67



I am so sorry to hear about your financial stress and while I am not sure exactly how you plan on changing the world through your art etc… I imagine at some stage there might be a rappers for Africa concert or something like the live band aid em whites did years back. So in that regard I am willing to sponsor you.


billion dollar note

And please take things easy, and if it is easy, take it like a sunday morning.





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