Chapter 93A


Press 1 to Restart
Press 2 to Replay same game

Zanu PF selects option 2(backed by army)
People select option 1 ( backed by hope)

I can see clearly now
The rain is gone
I can see clearly now
I got my glasses on.

REF: Chapter 93


Chapter 97

Black Man’s Pain vs White Man’s Pain

Malcolm X called it the Hate that Hate produced.
Some days I wake up as a white person, and I wonder why black people think we are all racist. Other days I wake up as a black person and I nod in agreement that all whites are racist.

Yesterday I woke up as white person and decided to get me a black person friend, to prove I am not racist.

Today I woke up as a black person, filled with hate for the white person who does not understand his racist ways.

As the night approached I became a God, and was no longer black or white. From my throne above, I looked at the world without time and observed the world of hate.

White hate created black hate.
Black hate created President Trump.

Tomorrow I will wake up as a black person and witness a rise in white racism from the ashes of slavery’s past.

makes u think

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