Chapter 64

The Xenophobia Parallax

The Zulus arrived in their numbers to collect the head, of Robby Zwinbe. Robbie’s zinc built shack offered no protection, to the Zulu weapons of mass beheadination. He called out to God, even though he knew that in times of mob insanity, the power above sat back to enjoy the horror show. Rob had been the victim of the Murambatsina purge, and subsequently accepted the choice forced on him, a 3 month walk, to the Land of King Arthur.

The thunderous sound of the indunas, brought his shack down around him. As he stood in the pile of rumble, looking into the many blood thirsty eyes around him, one final thought entered his mind.


The newspapers added him to the statistics, Arthur licked meat oil from his fingers, the indunas washed their hands to find empty plates.

And Life

And Life continued to find away….


Chapter 63

#Rhodes Must Fall

He sat in class thinking, that Rhodes must fall. In the back of his scattered mind, he knew that the falling of Rhodes, would do nothing to improve his lot. ”

‘If Rhodes falls, then what?” Said he brain mind to his self mind.
“Then all the other statues must fall! Then all the reminders of Apartheid must fall, including the descendants who benefited from apartheid.” His self mind replied with muted laugh.

“Once they all fall, then we only have ourselves to blame, for our present condition.” The Brain giggled.

The brain mind then opened a filing cupboard, and gravity pulled out the corruption file, which contained a single text message.

Let them concentrate on the fall, while we in corruption… we rise.

The Dress Explained

Blue and black White and gold?

There had been a lot of chatter on the dress, supposedly people see different colors when looking at the dress. Science failed to explain why this would happen.

Here is the explanation that the experts failed to find.

If you look at the picture on a cellphone, tablet , you will see the white and gold. However if you tilt your cellphone and look at it from the side you will see black and blue, this is simply being caused by the type of screen you are using and the angle you are viewing the picture at. The different colors are being caused by the display. Some displays are also set to low light which shows dress as black and blue.

It works with almost any image on your screen if you look at it with the screen at an angle.

Chapter 61

Patterns of thought

At Least your heart beats

That is what they advised,  ‘get to know yourself.” Well he had gotten to know himself pretty well. Yet he continued to wonder, how one could get to know themselves completely, when man did not fully comprehend things like freewill and and no will. Just the single thought on that, made his brain halt certain chemical production, which in turn depressed his mind. Ironic. No! because that is not what ironic means.

They advised him, that he appreciate the things he has in life, but that turned out to be in terms of economic consumption of goods. The very question of what people want out of life, is changed when you look at life in terms of pain. Example; Davidian and Adriana are taking a stroll in the forest, giving their hearts and minds the peace of the great out doors, when they were attached by a gang of thugs.

Davidian was kicked and punched to within and inch of his life, Adriana was only punched to within a meter of her. Can we really reconcile Adriana pains by saying, think of poor Dave and his battling for life.

He grabbed some chalk and drew a line altering the course of the story, thinking to himself, that is the jest of poverty. The agents are not concerned with scarcity of product, they are dealing with pain alleviation. Poverty was the side of life where the goal was to end pain(No wonder the poor engage in vices to temporary ease their pain). The answer on this side life 42= pain, vices =pain relief. On the other side of the poverty where the normal people lived, 42 = Stuff. Room is empty, put some furniture. Furniture has no purpose, point it towards a screen. Connect the screen to a million channels. Get a screen to the world wide web. Open a Facebook account, find a thousand people and call them friends. Put together a collection of pictures, that show how much stuff, you doing with your life.

Blah blah blah, at least your heart it beating.

The Bad Samaritan

This story is about car accidents and the people who arrive to steal from the injured.

The Tithe Collector

This story is about, how the ‘Man of God”, gives your tithes to the Lord.
It deals with why God wants your money, and only blesses you when you give him money.
It tells of Gods fascination with man made money, and what God uses the money on.
It explains why the tithe collector never has to account to tithe givers how much is collected.
It goes on to explore, how the man of God takes advantage of the Placebo effect.

It examines the life of the tithe collector and how they are able to sleep at night. And importantly
it ask important questions, like why do tithe collectors call themselves men of God?
Why do tithe collectors have more money then you. Why are tithe collectors so wealthy?
Why don’t the Jews tithe.

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Chapter 60

10 Rules for the African American

Rule 1
Play the Race Card
He started off his story, with a thought on how great it was to be black; And by that he meant having the ability to always fling the race card in the face of every white person. How flinging gave him a power to be the best black man he could be. Yes in 2014, black was not just beautiful but the linking weave to greatness.
Know your story!

Rule 2
Dont step to a another level, getting kind close to, dancing naked with the technium.
Avoid copying and pasteing a personality from one of your screens on to your life.

Rule 3
Dont outsource your emotions to the machine.

Rule 4
Be the better human. The best revenge is educating yourself well.

Rule 5
Stop holding on to a history of pain, the more stuff you hold in your mind about the past, the less room you have in the present to create a good future for yourself.

Rule 6
Play the race card

Rule 7
Dont play the blame game. Your problems are not created because you were not breast fed as child. Maybe your Mama had a bad Mama, and your Great Mama had a bad Mama, where do you stop the blame.

Rule 8
Dont call women beeeeeeeeeeches

Rule 9
Play the race card

Rule 10
God does not see people in terms of color and neither should you