what made this go viral?



Chapter 8

The White and Black Permutation


“You can’t call them colored any more it is not Politically Correct. It is not PC. ”
” You can’t call them Black any more it is not PC”
” So what do I call them?”
” African-American”
“But they are not American”
“What are they?”
“They Obama babies, mixed race, black and white”
“No they coloured!”

Lionel Richardson, was born with three eyes, two of which were hazel blue, and one dark black with shades of red and blue. There was many visitors who came to witness this remarkable child, but non uttered that new-born nonsense, what a beautiful baby. A few days before Lionel’s birth, his mother had being drinking at a local shabeen, and her mouth had got her into an argument with a drunken man, who put the boot to her belly and the result was Lionel’s third eye. A black shiner, that covered half his face.