Chapter 60

10 Rules for the African American

Rule 1
Play the Race Card
He started off his story, with a thought on how great it was to be black; And by that he meant having the ability to always fling the race card in the face of every white person. How flinging gave him a power to be the best black man he could be. Yes in 2014, black was not just beautiful but the linking weave to greatness.
Know your story!

Rule 2
Dont step to a another level, getting kind close to, dancing naked with the technium.
Avoid copying and pasteing a personality from one of your screens on to your life.

Rule 3
Dont outsource your emotions to the machine.

Rule 4
Be the better human. The best revenge is educating yourself well.

Rule 5
Stop holding on to a history of pain, the more stuff you hold in your mind about the past, the less room you have in the present to create a good future for yourself.

Rule 6
Play the race card

Rule 7
Dont play the blame game. Your problems are not created because you were not breast fed as child. Maybe your Mama had a bad Mama, and your Great Mama had a bad Mama, where do you stop the blame.

Rule 8
Dont call women beeeeeeeeeeches

Rule 9
Play the race card

Rule 10
God does not see people in terms of color and neither should you


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