Chapter 59

The Doctor Witch

Our healer is a man of many herbs and spices. The power of his plants, find the root of your ailment, and vacuum it out the system. The healer is also, the master of the mind, and knows what mental tools can guide it back to healthy thought. He tends our minds, like we tend our fields, carefully and thoroughly rooting out weeds, and planting seeds of good thought.

They came with their holy book, and in exchange for the book they took the land, minerals, cows plus etc. The book preached about brotherhood, they practiced segregation. The book preached above love, they practiced hatred. The book was the word of their ancestors, they told us not to communicate with ours.

Kaguma our healer, who had eyes on the past present and future at the same time, told us, let their will be done, for our kingdom will return, and our time will come. We gave them our sweat and toil, working with our eyes facing the sun.

Life is full of twist and turns, and now comes our time, we return to the land, to live by the land. The doctor witch tells us to forget about the white time, and focus on the present moment, be in the joy of  the here and the now.

We take one last look at our past, the days of city, of car, of house. We see how selfish our nature had become, as we blinded ourselves to the natural balance, of land, mother nature and man, and chased the money instead. We drove nice cars as our brothers and sisters starved. We traveled to distant land, to return without presents, instead suitcases filled with profit in mind.

We lost respect for our elders, and looked for respect in our bling. We sat 4 by 4 in taxis, breathing in each others personal space, heading to towns, to search pavements for shops, with items we can sell to friends and family. We marked up everything, and sold on for healthy profits, instead of just telling friends where the product was available. Instead of waiting with eyes to the sky’s, dreaming of rain, we queued and queued, with eyes to the paper.

We lived  intolerant, we lived selfish, we lived with hate, we lived with death. We lived with greed. We lived with Gluttony. We lived with anger.

Now we hold the red soil in our hands, we smear it on our faces, brothers are now one. The past travels to the pages of a history of our choice.


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