Chapter 53

The Side Thorn Irony



It was not a bother to his mind, that he was now expected to, drink 8 glasses of water a day, to please the scientific evidence that watered the rose bush tree, planted next to the entrance of the water bottling company.

The Fact that leaders can exploit the voters, and the voters never ever think as a group lets exploit the leaders, never entered his mind as a problem thought.

He worried more, about his own hunger pangs, singing auto tunes,
in his belly, then he did about the information, downloading from
the black and white TV, about some war between the Jews and the
Paleys. He laughed at the idiots, who could not pin point the war
on the map, but were trying to uplift their own causes, by wearing scarves with variables, pointing to the conflict. If you asked him how to end that war, he would of simply said., let the Paleys wear,
striped black and grey stripped pajamas. Oh!

He marveled much in his history, as Tim Berner-Lees, gave birth to the
web, and the web gave birth to open source and freedom. And
Freedom spawned, blind spot advertised search, and the search
morphed into the social network, and the space freedom,
gave birth to the book of faces, that removed the freedom, making
each node the product on the shelf. And the tech giants purchased
all the ones and zeros, and converted the freedom into 99 cents.
And the Apple killed the flash drive, while others were, looking through the
windows of charity.

Kevin Kelly ” Follow the Free” (symbol of the past)(network freedom)
Tech World Order ” Collect node information and convert it into
monetary value” (symbol of the atom, nodes spin around powerful center)

There was no thorn in his mind for the tech world order, with
droned pizza delivery.


His pain was much closure to home,


“bloody peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again”


He seriously needed to change his diet.


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