Chapter 52

The Mind Swagger Thought


People were always telling Thoka that he should eat healthy and exercise on the regular, which he did, when finance permitted.

On this day he is heading to his death, and no good food, or exercised muscle is going to help. He knew this death was coming to him on that day.

So he sent a final text message to his loved ones.

Do not worry about your health of body, look after your mind, exercise it in good thought and the rest will follow.  Entertain no fear, of dictator, of bully, of tomorrow.

The moment before the taxi hit the curb, in that second before, where the hands of time slow down, and the relativity of time comes clear to mind. Thoka smiled in clarity with an empty mind.  All fears erased taking with them the suffering that had defined his life, he journeyed to the other side in style.






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