Chapter 50


The Charlie Yellow Rant




So finally we reach the half stage of the book, getting closer to the atomic level now.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Charlie Yellow decided as he got to the middle of the book, it was time for a good old rant.
English was not his first language, but he promised he would give it a good old English try.

<RANT 1>
#Political Hacks 101
Hack 15

‘Doing the Same thing and expecting different results.’

When one has a  look at African political leaders they always summed up in the above quote, simply because all African countries governed by liberation movements tend to spiral along a downward trajectory of self destruction. And one is left wondering why.

Well the truth is the leaders are getting the results they want, and the result is self riches beyond measure. Only fools and idiots believe the promises of Leaders. If you feel you are not a fool, feel free to join the idiots.  

As an African what can you do about it? Nothing, and then some more nothing. Remove your self enriching leader and he will be replaced by another self enriching Leader. Why? It is a psycological issue! Not an individual psychology i.e as in the Psychopaths (A person without compassion)who lead, but rather a matter of group psycology. As a group(uneducated) we hand over power, for the smallest price, a plate of food, or simply fear of the shooting sticks.  

Lastly , we have a share group history of abuse, from chiefs, kings, and queens, and colonizers. Suffer continua. Suffer continua.

<RANT 2>
Reality shows?
We have become obsessed by these, even though we know they are in essence a fake reality, cause after all they are just shows. Worse yet, we are becoming obsessed by the stars of these shows. Busy watching the unfolding of someone else life, the question is then who is, who is  living yours.

<RANT 3>
New World Order?
The greatest fear of the modern generation. Simple to answer. A world order is governed by the most power nation on the planet at any given time. i.e in Roman times it would be the Roman world order. So what is the new world order, it is a term created to hide the government of The World order, a term used to miss direct minds in stupid pursuits of Conspiracy. There is no New World Order, there is only a simply World Order, and that order is governed by the most powerful nation.  Used to be the British at one stage, cant say who it is now.

<RANT 4>
Is there a GOD?
Well the best way to explain this would be to use the scientific method, as it is mainly sciences that denys the existence of GOD.
On a quantum level, GOD is the sum of all the sub atomic particles. He can be in two places at once. Next we replace Schrodinger’s cat with God, and find that GOD exist and he does not exist. Pretty powerful of him, don’t you think!

<RANT 5>
Future Predictions!
And I am not talking the kind, like Nostradamus that are rather hind site predictions, I am talking about the direction the world is heading now.

SA. Rand drops to 20 to the dollar.
She is vulgar on stage, crotch grabbing, to pull the fans, but now she has gone too far.
You better belib it, walks out his closet in pink fur.
The African spring, copy cat of the Arabs
When dies a small civil war erupts from the factions.

<RANT 6>
S  M I L E !


3 thoughts on “Chapter 50

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  2. This is a rant two years old and what we can learn from history is that no one learns anything from history And we all surprised when it repeats itself….

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