Chapter 49


The Inconvenient Life of Paul



For as long as he could remember his life always leaned in a swagger manner on an inconvenient wall. He was born Black in the White Owned country of Rhodesia. You can throw numerous tags at this, like fate , irony , but having the wrong color skin was a serious inconvenience for him.

Years later the unrepentant Rhodesia’s bus turds, lost the war for ownership of the Land to the Bantu immigrants, Paul smiled as finally he had a chance, to do a walking bounce up and off the wall, when the inconvenience stuck again. He was of the Ndebele Tribe and the hands of Land government were in the control of the Shona Tribe.

He quickly packed his bags and headed to the Land of the Queen, hoping to enjoy the benefits of a 2 year working holiday, his right as a subject of the commonwealth. The English let him into their country with smiles and frowns, he proceed to the Home Office, the key holders of the working holiday permit. When the SUN shine brought his attention to a newspaper Headline that simple said. ZIMBABWE WITHDRAWS FROM THE COMMONWEALTH.

Yes sod he thought, you are the God of inconvenience. Paul bought himself a shovel and dug himself a hole to live on the underground. His illegal status in the Land of the queen, importuned him, to the most menial of jobs, washing potatoes and making chips for a harsh African Hating Iranian Boss. He wages plus 40 hours overtime, were only enough to pay rent for a bed sit, with shoddy plumbing, and in door heating with attitude.

The wall of his bed sit, was scribbled with words from previous occupants. Jane Doe’s cousin was here. Jon Doe’s brother was here. Adam -heart shape- Eve.

Paul grabbed a pen scribbled his name, scratched it off and wrote SAUL underneath.

At this point in his inconvenient life, he would never have enough to return home. He smiled and lived the rest of his life as chippy slave, eating left over food, but always ever paying his rent on time.

1] Life has a sense of humor
2] When life gives you lemons, be happy life is giving others naught and nothing.
3] When you run out of Good Luck, wait to run of Bad luck.


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