Chapter 46

P i n g !


“I will sing my own praises” his reflection in the mirror shouted to him. He heard it loud and clear, for his ear sense was not cluttered by beeping cellphones, or voices from the television, or pinging microwaves. He lived off grid and was very proud of it.

“I will not die without changing the course of ship, I may be an economy passenger, like the billions of others, but some how I will get my voice to first class lounge. I will be heard. I will be heard. ” The reflection continued to talk.

“How can you define this as free? A big screen mind control machine, the hand held tracker(communicator), 25 year house bond, the death of internet freedom, privacy. How can you call this free?” The light went off and he could not be sure if the sound came from the reflection in the mirror.

Thus our story takes regression to the mean, thinking fast and thinking slow, adding to its own confirmation bias. Nudging the reader to the building blocks, atoms and protons of the story.

And finally asking
Are you free? What does it mean to be free?


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