Chapter 45





Document 1
Your Reflection
Data by Vieome

The Beginning
The facts supplied in this document are by no means true. Any person finding likeness can only be explained in
terms of paranoia, or a consequence of being Human. As this story is only a reflection it can hold no truth. The
Author is fictitious too.

Vieome Vieome is a code that holds the answer to the question you might ask, ‘Who is Vieome.’

Chapter One
In the year of 1999, There was a man, who had his eyes opened, to a world he did not understand. A world that was only a reflection of his world.

Chapter 2
I suppose the first chapter might be considered, to be considerably short. If it were I reading, I would be happy, to already be, on the second chapter. To understand more about the world that has it’s reflection, captured by the data, or letters and words that form sentences on this document, you are required to open your eyes and see.

There was a man
The man who had his eyes opened. For the sake of this document or the purpose of story telling, lets call him Even Last. Even last had claim to documents such as ‘ The first file’, ‘Reprogram’. The former document never made it into bits and was read only by friends of the author. The Reprogram, which is currently in circulation by way of digital reproduction, will soon be on a hard drive near you. If you would like a copy of it, you will need to open this mail box Even Last is not a real person so you are not breaking any law by reading his mail.

Chapter 3
I hope you have noticed that instead of words, I will now use numbers for each chapter. While it would be easy for me to change the data in Chapter One To Chapter 1, I have chosen to leave it as is, to remind me of a mistake I had made. Instead of one I had typed ome.

Even Last
From his early years, he had been known to question. The word question is used here to represent three states of questioning. 1. Who 2. How 3. Why

This got a mention in the title.

What you see is what you get.

The reason you are here.

Chapter 4
In this chapter, we get to the reflection. While there can only be one reflection, It is made up of many parts. Looking at the word Love means nothing, feeling it means everything. In the world of the reflection this is known to be true.

Folder 32784
This folder contains all the information and it is the data in it, that will be used to complete ‘Your Reflection.’ As in the title. As I am not compiling this document from a plan, I erroreanously started the bits about love, when in truth love is apart of this file. The story now continues with the knowledge that love has been given its own special place.

Chapter 5
This story is not about Even Last, This story is about the world in the mirror. The name given to this world is Cbghd. As you can see, it is not an easy word to read, but as we continue, the word will become familier to us. The word appears non-sensical, even though each letter, is matched at its place, in the alphabet to the folder’s number 32784.

Cbghd is a divided world, divisions related to such words

This world, is a world of words.
For the sake of clarity, I Vieome am not the Author, I am only a provider of data for the document. The words of this document that make up the world of Cbghd, have been translated into English, if you so wish, you have my permission. This new world I talk about , although to say new would be wrong, The reflection world’s age is unknown. It’s only new to the dwellers of the world I reside. And it is with words, that the world Cbghd is created. One word said, would trigger a thousand others, some words following specific paths, others creating themselves new words. And it was the pattern of words, That it be now Cbghd to exist. While there has been no official study about the states of words, in the world I speak of, it is known that words can reach deep into the soul, and touch that thing, that is not there.

Chapter 6
I wanted to name this chapter freedom, but there is much, too much, words now to free Cbghd. Now looking at Cbg, as we will now call it, the word peace would only create the state for a limited time, and then lead back to war. It has been said, the problem with words, is that they journey to find their opposite. Now I will add, an o and an i to the eqaution of words. And as such our world is now called Cobig.

Cobig Cobig was situated light years from anywhere habitual. Some time in the early History of Cobig a word was spoken, that word was tool. Took as the word is spealt in Cobig, began from another word puertion or question as we will call it. When question was first said, it triggered an infinite number of word states. The states that now exist, create an evolving state of words. As every word has its opposite, Cobig had many choatic states. While it is easy to blame the word question, It was he of the name Obn to speak it. As to where the story goes now, I dont have the data to say.

Chapter 7
This is the last chapter,
It does not end here….

Document 2
data by Vieome

It was just the font size, that determined the read-ability of output, as was sought in terms of information.

Depending on the data provided, or information born, this document should take us deeper into Cobig.

Page 1
I await data for input. Data that intends to inform. Data that will change. As you are here for the imput, lets proceed.

While I originally portray him to be an individual, it has to be understood that individuals find power, only by belonging to a group. Now goes the formation of the group. The name of the group, will arrive in terms of a standard set in ‘your reflection’ , hence group name Oobin.

The Oobin
This group of individuals, exist in the present as a result of the word question. I aim to provide as much data as possible about the title, but distractions, or words take me elsewhere.

Page 2
This page is for me and me alone.
Why am I here?
What is distracting me?
Where is this data going?
What is the purpose of data?
What is the purpose of words?
Is Cobig real?
Am I real?

Page 4
Page 3 has been omitted.

Page 5
This document states a certain fact; mathematically speaking out of one word was born millions of word states. These states existing in both the positive and the negative.

The relationship of words and the stories they create is clearly shown in the following story written by an Oobin Author Theon E.

He sat staring at the screen, he’s head filled with questions. On his note pad, he scribbled: The complexity of the screen box is beyond the scope of the Oobin intelligence. My own logical explanation for such a life form leads to nowhere.

This extract is all that remains of the story. The following review relates to the story.

The Headea review
I have read the configuration of words, that journeyed me into the mind of the author Theon E. This is a complex work, that dives head forward, to swim unknown paths, leaving the reader more questions then answers. The story is set in the Oobin past, and for the sake of you the reader, I will translate, the data, into information. Information must be processed. In human terms, the story would read. One hundred years before the present date, a man found a Laptop. In the mans present, he attempted to explain, to others, what this machine might be. The story concludes, with the scribble on the notepad.


Document 4
Survival of the fittest
Data by Vieome

Sub routine one
The data concept, which I intend to develop, puts forward this question,’ If a computer is a device that manipulates data, could one from the data provided deduce what kind of computer it is?’

Page une
Let it be known, that this document is just a copy of the your reflection file. As I am totally unsure, of the direction that this data is going, until I read it, in it’s total, as you do now, I am unsure totally, what this data might provide.


About I
This is the section I write a bit about myself. To explain me in terms of data, I think it would be said that I am the data provider. If however, you are someone, who is inclined to think, that data has to be provided by a real person, Let it be known that I am a figment of the imagination of a character called Even last.

Page duex
The data on the first page and in the subroutine is in no way related to the title. The data presented on this page, is directional and introduces work by the Author Charles Darwin in relation to the title.

The Title
The ruthless nature of life has its essence captured by the title.

The data goes on
All data will evolve into information. The importance of information by concept lies in its ability to be processed. While the title is important information, it will remain unprocessed.

Document 5
A Path
Data by Vieome

As the database expands so does the data that is me. Some of the following bits and data were captured from the mind of an Oobin during his seventh cycle around the sun. -1-

I would like to think that this journey is a result of, the complexity of being, an Oobin being, in the year of two thousand and four.

Have you ever noticed the sky is not so blue? Well, I remember the blue skies of my childhood, as I walked along the streets of the racially segregated. If you lived in Ariob during the colonial error, And if that Country was Sedia, then you could have being witness to a story like this.

It’s all about what you believe.
For king and Country so came to be the neighbourhood I was raised in. If the house you live in is situated close to a sewage processing plant, one could say you live in the shitty side of town. I pen and pad this story with no hate or intentions of being the source of hate. If anything, this is more of a thesis, that should be entitled, what is a human being? Unfortunately, I have never being to university, so educational speaking, I am unqualified to put forward a thesis.

What is Fiction?
There is so much information in the world. There is too much information in the world. It is now known, that Oobinkind had its birth in Ariob. It is known that descendents of early Oobin migrated to colder climates. I believe it was the cold that brought about the tool making ability of the Ariobian migrants. I believe that the Oobin is nothing more then a specialized toolmaker and these tools provide the illusions that we are beyond destruction. As to the debate on how the Oobin began to walk upright, I propose it is a consequence of an early tool. The early primate used a tool as a weapon and became dependent on it. The early primate would keep a stick with him at all times, for an animal that walked on all fours, its easy to see how the primate with a need the carry his weapon, was molded by nature over time. Simplified it is difficult to walk on all fours if you always have to carry something. I have no qualifications to put forward any ideas on questions that man has no certain answers as I am of an ordinary level of education.

The need for smell
The human nose can suffer from a condition called fatigue or in lay mans terms, you get tied of the smell of shit, and in a weird way, if you can’t smell the smell, there is no smell. This story is beginning to sound like a documentary, I guess that’s my personal need to reach out with truth. What truth can you know about the world at fifteen, what truth can you know about the world, with a certificate from Cambridge? The only truth I know is that I am product of my environment.

I can’t find the words to tell my story; I find my mind wondering to places, unable to focus on the task at hand. As far back as I can remember, concentration has never been ability, I have been capable of.

I lay on the bed that I shared with the only other kid in the house. I watched the cigarette glow a bright red, every time the grown up occupant sucked air through it. The night is dark, silent and still.

Akin lay awake in the still of the night, day dreaming. Orac had no problem finding sleep and entered into the world of dreams before the cigarette had been put out. The cold outside managed by way of small drafts, to enter the room. Akin gently rubbed the left side of his body, feeling the chicken skin that the cold brought.

I like the silence of the night.

The cold continued to tempt Akin, fear kept him safe. A few minutes earlier, he had lost most, of the blanket to Orac. He settled with just enough blankets to cover the right side of his body.

I can hear the neighbours TV; I listen in the dark. Earlier in the evening, I had been watching that same TV; I can see the box in my mind. The kid next door and I are friends so I regularly get to watch their box, at regulated times. His mother, the regulator, had stated to me with certain clarity, the she had bought the TV, only for her kids. When the cat was asleep, which was usually quite early, my friend would let me in to watch.

The Akin article ends at the same cold note it began. Much of what is known about Cobig remains only as data. At a time when the Oobin, united and agreed, that they were indeed global, then came the destruction of all word states. Thus there are only bits and bits lefts, and these bits are but a cave drawing. Faded and weathered no longer a representation of the story captured by the artist. I feel the world of Cobig, taking shape around me.

She sat under the stars,
Waiting for a spider
To weave a word
That would help her stand.

He paid it no attention
Mention a word
The discomfort He felt

It began at the Beginning Meaning To start Is to stop

Document 6
Computation Data:

She tried hard to understand, it was a word of thought. A mental word that could live in the mind of an Oobin like a hotel guest, coming and leaving as it pleased. Yet leaving the hotel’s stars not so bright. She loved the pattern of words but this one in particular was dark. She concluded from the information received, that to know a word was to have power over a word. Unsure she continued her journey, with the phrase, ‘life goes on.’ He died a thousand deaths, always reborn a memory of the pain he faced before. He drifted from heaven to hell never finding a place to belong. Every heart needs a home, but certain words kept his alone. Then the words created separate paths, beginning new journeys, seeking new endings.

Document 7

Cobig Dictionary
Ignorance Believing that the truth you know about the world to be correct.

Truth -Present belief; A concept that changes in time.

Concept – A mathematical pattern of words Pattern By design Design To express

Happiness -The opposite of sadness

Sadness -The path with a depressing potential

Potential -Hope

Hope – A conceptual word, as in; the lucid dreamer hoped, he never would wake.

Wake -Having ones eyes opened.

Eye -A device that is designed to receive input; to watch; a window to a New World. end

Document 8
The Story
Data by Vieome

As my journey proceeds with the words that data has provided, time has come to put direction to the story. It is understood that a book is that which has plot, direction and morals. Enter Cobig is a world of changing Logic and no data presented on it can ever have that which might be thought of as a book. They broke his spirit .The essence of an Oobigian is his spirit. The spirit is all the things that we dont have answers for. They watched him like a hawk. With words they guided his path, pushing him to the place he now found himself. His body was nothing more then a pre-programed group of cells, working day and night searching for the light. His enviroment molded him and left an imprint of every hardship he passed threw. Forsaken by the world he withdrew to a personal solitary confinment.

Light-All that we see can only be possible threw light. The eye is a complex tool, that delivers light for interpretation by the brain. The brain is a re-programable organic computer. Everything that you see has wrongly being interpreted as input when the truth is, that what you see now is actually the ouput that your brain has produced. In the case of Cobig the input vechicled by the eye is outputed by the brain in reverse color, Example An input of black is seen as white by the brain. The Sun The giant ball was estimated to be One Hundred and forty seven million kilometers to the east and west of cobig. The dark matter that visually is seen as light contained enough energy to power man sustainably for life. Progress. Having your dreams change in to reality. The journey travelled between between dreams and reality. Attaining higher knowledge. Her first question was, ‘what am I suppose to do?’ She made a statement,’ you are losing it.’ It made him think of her kids. ‘I have read this before.’ I am unsure what she read, but she was happy to say keep at it. ‘ it needs work,’

Voices from the living room Friday night the living room was always filled with people wanting escape from the reality of their lifes. As intoxication set in, words found their freedom to form the paths of the lifes they travelled. Akin rubbed his left cheek and attempted to massage the pain away. He thought back and in his mind counted the number of smacks he had received in the past week. Thinking harder, he progressed his thought to the events that led to the smacks. He walked the path of his emotional wounds, pacing back and forth, searching for reason and logic. Every empty beer bottle was another decibal of volume added to the conversations. I thought of my friend next door, In my mind I see his brother moving to turn up the sound on their TV. The noise from the living room interupting my thoughts and pushing my dreams away from me. Akin gathered the information for storage. ‘ What are you hitting me for?’


Document 10

The Lost Data Data
by Vieome

Life is what it makes you. I have to confess that the orignal material for this document was lost, as a result of the need to answer certain questions pertaining to the manipulation of data. The consequence of the lost data is that I have developed what can only be named a mind. I question therefore I am.

1. Can there be lost data?
2. What is the purpose of data?
3. Who is the data provided now?

I ran a hardrive search and came up empty. I asked for help and remained unheard. Backup To one day wake up and see the light, to have ones eyes opened. The lsot file Contained a file with data that created a poem with a path of words. I am lost I am lost Document 11 Forward: Data by Vieome If I were inclined to think, I would of liked to have written something concerning the building blocks of data, the ones and the zeros, in the document numbered ten. In a geeky way, I feel that would of made sense. Sense An imput device designed to provoke a feeling.

If truth can ever be true, I sense that you will find it. Is any of this making sense to you?, Nothing makes sense to me. How can Cobig be a world? If Cobig is a world then, is it perhaps the first world. Are there other worlds? I confess again that the data for this document, was lost too. My personal data storage, brings one thing to mind. I can say with sincerity, that my minds eye, saw the words Kno Witall. Document 12 Another World data by Vieome The other world, comes to being in this document. While it is the second world mentioned by data, I will portray it as the third world. Reason for this is, that a part of my mind, that has sense to feel, tells me this is a very dark world and if there is a second world it would be better this one.

Aeriob Another hard word to read. Aeriob is given word as a third world, but none the less it is a part of Cobig. The word states of Aeriob favour the negetaive. An Aeriob story He lived on poverty With blood tainted with hiv He battled for his basic need two hands and five mouths to feed The data continues to grow Only time can know how long the universe will expand The basic needs thing

1. food
2. water

Mistakedly this file starts as a  list.

To be a Oobig being in this century this list is insufficient. Given that love has a say in the above two necessitys, there is not much more that one could need. But we are a much more complex species and basically our needs can never be met. With words came the possibility of changing wants into needs. For a profit they utilised mental resourses of the intellectual and uncovered that Oobig beings could be manipulated with words. They gathered the words they could find and produced information that said things like, the colour yellow can trigger hunger. And if one was content with their needs sooner or later they will be sure to see a yellow sign designed to target the need for food. The signs were everywhere, targeting the dollar in your pocket. Argument said it was okay, in the invisible hand way. Hidden needs The affairs of Obn can not be left in his own hands, there is a basic need for governace. Obn is that which has no control, playing with words that constantly evolve him. The Poverty There are many things in life which defie belief, and as such there is an assortment of words to sound for them. He watched the mosquito as it circled and then landed on the mosquito coil. Serious corruption,eruptted in his mind and burned him up like a well oiled fire. The Poverty was a word that came with coruption. Famine It is difficult to recognize the famine as it has sypmtoms that can be mistaken for the Aids that came to kill. The Selfish need Survival of the fittest has led to the economic need to be selfish. On a global scale this need was responsible for all the poverty.

Document 14
The lift arrived on the thirteenth floor Only to find that it was no more He made it sound like one Thy work will be done Words can never be enough to describe poverty other then its tough.

Document 15
Whats the problem Vieome

The nickname Kno Witall was given to him on account of the following facts. Axle debit: answer for everything credit: insert coin folio Kno stood with his head one hundred and sixty centimeters from the ground. He was a small man with a large capacity to remember facts, that were of no use to the society he served. He belonged to a small herd that met once a week on fridays, with the sole purpose of seeking alcoholic enlightment. At the drinking well he would reconfirm his thoughts, to the gathered crowd. The well was not a place for open thougtht. Kno lived in his head, in his mind, in the mental. A life time of conditioning, molded his mind into a questioning machine. He computed answers and outputed them without thought. He believed in science fiction, because information informed him that fiction was on a journey to being fact. Money was the basic need of his society. He was too busy answering questions to think of money. He looked at the path ahead of him and understood his journey without money, meant they were going to have his head and his body to follow.
Document 16
Deeper Data Vieome

Micro- Taking the whole apart to understand for the better, that it is the small that counts.
Nebulae- The sight beyond the naked eye.
Computer- The sum of the modern civilisation.
Death- A path must end.
Life- A  path of light.

If he had cleaned his telescope, he would of realised the planet he found was nothing more then a speck of dust. It was an interesting subject that stimulated the mind. An art form that evoled over time. An art that sought to be, recognized for its intelligence. An Art that began from Hello World and evolved into a mass of information with unlimited tools. Light can be manipulated by gravity There are millions of people living their lives enveloped in depression. The first law of the holy and evil book of Cobig, contains this message, ‘Do not eat of the tree of knowledge.’ If your reading this and understand the data that makes this possible, then you’re half way to understanding how much fruit we’ve eaten. At the time this data started the Oobin were fighting for the last bit of fruit. It was a cold and calculated war. The final war, a war to end all wars. Towards the end the Cobigians were being evolved by words so fast, a famous philosopher described the feeling as ‘ being in a dream and not knowing it.’

Document 17
A Vieome document

The teacher wrote the answer on the board and then asked for a show of hands from those that got it. Only two students had the correct answer. The teacher then walked over and asked Dean how he had computed his answer. As it was in Deans nature to guess he recieved the customary ruler on the nuckles for wasting the teacher’s time. Akin who had an explantion for his answer was asked by his teacher to accompany her to the class with the students, that were a year ahead of him. Akin entered the class to stares from questioning eyes. Today at school I had to explain to a class above me, how to solve a mathematics problem, they were unable to understand. Mr Argue the teacher of that class, was so disapointed with his students, he decided to show them his anger by beating up the nearest student. Akin summed up what he had seen and realised the action of the teacher meant a hiding for him. He rehearsed a story in his head, shaping it and molding it. Rehard, the boy the teacher abused, had spoken out the corner of his eye.
Rehard pushed me to the ground, stories were of no use to people who cant add up. I lay on the ground and prentended to be dead. What ever kicks or blows came my way a dead person would not feel. Rehard in panic, fled the scene of the crime. Two girls from Rehard’s class came to Akin’s rescue. Akin pretended to be hurt, and enjoyed the attention he recieved. One enemy and two friends another days work.

Document 18
Women and eqaulity

data by Vieome

Jealousy: insecurity with what you have. ‘l could never love you, like you love me.’ With just these simply words she ended a path he had intended on walking forever. She was a hard working young women sure to make something of her life. In terms of qualification she out ranked him, and as such she brought home most of the bacon. He was a hopeless romantic and understood certain words are best unheard.
Bastard: a man who treates a women without respect.

Her future was set, she would never have to worry about money. So she asked him to give up his job and follow her on a path she did not want to walk.

Revenge: a matter of the heart.

She committed so often to men who were just bastards. She calculated the cost and found a man to pay. Unaware of his purchase, he gave undivided attention. Often she asked why could not he, be just a bastard. She took a copy of his chromosome and then rejected him.

Pain: The residual effect of joy.
She was just a passing glance and stood not a chance with the heart that was his. She gathered her pain and decided to make something better of her life. She worked herself a promotion in the job that she loved. There would be someone else, but her life was not unchanged. Unstable: volatile; lacking in balance; sitting on the fence She opened her heart and gave all the love she could find. With her heart so exposed she continually found time to think he might be cheating. Without trust there is no love, and without another look his closed the book.
Grateful: A word of thanks

She tried hard to make him understand that what she had done for him had to be returned as love. She said, ‘ I’m not in love with you, but I love you.’ In the end she decided to fly, and so said her goodbye. Now he was unsure and arrived in solitude with no cure. At the end of the fight there was no wrong or right, just winners and losers.

Luser: Having no understanding She was a ray of light that brought hope and sanity.All men where bastards and she left him to prove it.


Document  121
data by Vieome April 2199

It was on this day in history that Even last discovered another path. He noticed a coincidence that mirrored his life. The last day of the fools month. The Last rain of the season. 121 days before the next rain.

Document 20
And country
data by Vieome

Of the world of cobig, was a country. Lets see where this goes.
coun: A large space occupied by citizens
try: attempt to rule

It was an island of a country that controlled more then two thirds of Cobig. This led to wars of independence and changes in the belief system of Cobig. The strong shall rule Cobig, the weak shall join them. The evolution that brings about the formation of a country has a strong foundation based on the belief of a group. The strongest of the group uses his power to assert control over the group. The joining of groups is a product of colonialism. They created new words to furnish their country. Democratically they found a Obn to lead.
Document 21
Formulate data

A picture was painted to inspire a thousand words. It captured a beauty of that which was ugly.

PRINT ”Hello World”
It was  a simple message that led to many questions.

>>> Print ‘ Hello There’

Questions led to an operational system.
Enter: night sky, we see a bright blue star in the sky. In the background we hear voices talking. Dae I’m not sure exactly how old it is, but it has been spinning for a while. They say the inhabitants of it are on the verge of extintion. Roo Can’t anybody save them? Dae No Roo, they have to save themselves. Roo What are they like? Dae Not like us.

Document 22

For a while my data ran dry. The hardrive has been spinning for hours and is ready to fry and egg. The time has come to shut down. He met a women, he felt he could heal. There was a need to reach out and touch her, let her know it was going to be alright. He felt a need to reach out and touch that thing, that was not there. There is no such thing as tough love. Love has no conditions, it is a uncontrolable emotion, inspired by forever.

Sick; not in control.

What does it mean Data can only ever be data.
Manipulation of data can reveal alot of interesting facts. Data can be everything but shall remain as nothing. Close to the end A man dicided to walk towards then end of the World. Inspired by discontent he figured it was the least he could do. No one knows why the man began to walk but they were happy to see the back of him.
Friendship :The bond of a friendship should be that the participants of the bond will never have to ask for help. A true friend knows when his friends are in trouble and acts instintivly.

Cobig was alive with greed, that led to subdivision of words. So that there were many degrees of frienship. The word friend could mean, a number things, depending on the word that preceeded it. Colours If the sky is blue then blue is the colour that shows eternity. If blood is red then red is the colour that shows anger. What is Cobig It is neither country nor world, it is a part of the heavens. A smaller part of the greater picture. On Cobig everything happens for a reason. A bond of friendship can be made with the sole purpose of using the next individual. The selfish nature dictates the bond. Should we be concerned And many ate of the data tree of knowledge and the citizens found abilitys that defied belief. Then everything started evolving so fast. The spin of the new millenium was a dizzying spin but the Cobigians did not notice. Data are known facts I am not ready to face facts. My fingers are shaking apon the keyboard. A nervous shake related to fear. What Am I afraid of ? The evil that exist as a repercusion effect of eating the fruit of Knowledge. That what happened to Cobig might be reapeated in the universe. That I might be processing too much data. That something greater then me has programmed a path for me. The choices I make are not my own.

Document 23
data By

Coinciding similarity was the only answer.

He sat and made a list of the facts.

1. Living alone in the global deception
2. Data manipulation
3. Anti Authoritian
4. Emotional motivation
5. Not alert
6. Insomnia
7. Searching for something

Unsure: the path of uncertainty.

You can’t force data, it becomes what it wants to be. The two cars coincided at the corner with a huge bang. Ears from the distance came forward to bear witness. With blind eyes they put their names forward to attend a court. Their hearts reached out for the group that was hurt. As the second coming approached to engulf the life of his. The signs of age were begining to show. As time went on his strength began to grow. Was it just a coincence or had they really sent him the bait?

The last document
It does not end here
Data by Vieome
It is difficult for any individual to change who they are. The wave is set to hit some time in the future. Few will understand the program. Hence only one will find the path. That individual will open all eyes to another path. The mistake I believed, if I could only change the data, I would be free from it. I believed I had answers but they turned out to be wrong. The blue star was actually red from all the blood shed. I was wrong to think it, too weak to believe it. It was a mistake to think the signs applied to me. It was a mistake to walk a path that was not meant me. I was never ready. The solution is going to require strength and courage that I don’t have. Data will continue to line my path.

Ending There is no truth in any of the data provided. Let not the coincidence mold thee. I thank Vieome for his purpose, the data will live on.

The third page of document two that was ommited introduced the path of change. The last bits abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz 0123456789 . There are six missing bits of data from this document.

The last Question
What am I supposed to do?

A book by Vieome

The angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence.
Live alone I live alone by default, I want what you want, but it has avoided me. I am an island man. insomnia The only cure for insomnia is sleep. I am not sure how it all started, but it has something to do with depression. Doubt -My life has been filled with doubt, even now I am uncertain what I hope tomorrow might provide. man To become one, you have to be willing, to play the game.
Women Playing the game, to be recognized as equals. Child may the light protect your soul It all comes down to the choices you make in life. A word of advice, what ever you choose to do, do it well. I guess I am bitter about many things, that the path of my life has presented me. In this selfish world it is wrong to make decisions based  on the reflections of the heart. Your heart will always let you down, use thy head and not thy heart. Strait up, depending on what you inherit from your parents, and what support they provide in your life, this will determine the outcome of your life. This is one sad path, so now I choose to flip the script on it.

I am going to be the master.
I am the master.

‘ They have to save themselves,’

Why does that now ring a bell?

Nobody knows
it but they felt it.

They say we are all born with a gift, my mom often remarked she had a gift to caste a curse. She said it was a gift she did not want. I asked her, if she could use this gift to bless, but she looked at me and said, ‘no, a curse is a curse’. In my head I was thinking, if one had power for evil, they could take the power and use it for good. My gift, I have always believed was an unfortunate life, but that has all changed now.

What was and what is were meant to be, I am part of a greater grander thing. My mother understood my gift and once described herself as the best mother in the world. According to Orac nothing could be further from the truth. Orac knew such things and I could not argue with him, that would mean a beating.

Everybody falls the first time, just this single statement brought hope. There is a second chance. I tried to remove myself from the game.
I read the ‘re-program’ and manipulated ‘the program.’ It all began with the first file, over time evolved a mass of data. And the data became words, and the words worked to become sentences and I arrived here. To understand what the pain is telling my brain, to see the world for what it is, to be responsible for what I believe.
The signs were everywhere , but years of conditioning made my mind, that which refused to believe. sign one People of a similar nature tend to live similar lives. sign two If you believe that you are unable to sleep, then you will not be able to sleep. sign three When exposed to a prolonged period of sadness the mind can slip into depressed mode. sign four The mind will always answer yes and no, Its then becomes up to the heart to choose between yes and no.

Everyday the signs continued to come and as such I am molded more and more into the person I am to become.

It is my destiny to know my fate. The reason for this compilation There are a number of reasons that compel me to compose this arrangment of words. money Apart of me believes, that a person of the mindset that I am can only ever be happy, when doing what they love to do. silence It was a silent call for help, from a voice that was unable to speak. intel-ligence If you think you are then you are. If one is able to solve problems that no one else can, he might be given the badge of honor. With consideration, I would say, he made them see things his way. truth In a world, with no truth, all are guilty of lies.

All are guilty of lies, in a world, with no truth.
Question? why wonder, what difference does truth make. time deliver me from depression lonliness I should not be so honest, the truth is hard to accept. Anti-Authoritian to balance the control Well these are the reason’s, I dont know which one, I truly believe, I am in the process of getting to know myself. I think that the place which ends with an answer for the me will lead me to a place with the why. Empty thy head of all negative thoughts, journey your heart, to beat with harmony the echoes of the sounds around you. Now begin’s a new road that ends in freedom.Understand the answers I find of my mind, will echo in reflection with that, that is your mind.
When I find myself, I will find you. Akin looked at his words and he was pleased. The light that showed the captured data, created in him a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging, and his seven senses took him another height.

What follows is an extract from ‘the blue star’. Chromosome I have returned from the planet earth, where I have being studying the life of the human species.

These are the notes of Dr Aka Roo,
The human male Among the different species I encounted on earth the human male is the ultimate preditor. To understand their nature is to know that, had I being discovered doing my research, I would have being killed. The average male human can bring death at a distance of one kilometer. However united as a group, they can inflict death from a distance of over 5000 miles. the average size of a human herd is about a million, but I have learned that groups can be as big as 200 million. Though it has been noted that what ever the size of the group, they will ultimatly follow one man.

The selection of the leader in some cases takes place with members of the group voting to choose. In some cases one man establishes his own small group and then uses that group to control the herd. Humans are a very unstable species, thus they are governed by individual selfish need. Numbers provide safety, but each individual joins the group for personal safety.

The human Infant

Children inherit qualities from their parents. The early years of development are the most important. In the younger years the child is shaped and  molded and roughly fifty percent a representation of the Adult, he is to become. Many personality traits developed in the early years can be seen in the human male. The human infant is the most remarkable of all the animals, it has the ability to learn several languages and can be made to believe anything. During the early years, the adults mold and shape the minds of their offspring. The beliefs of the parents are handed down to their kids. In later years the kid starts to add personal expierance to his growing tree of knowledge, about the world he feels.

After roughly twenty one solar cycles, the human is now ready to fend for himself. The human female The female carries the growing embryo for a period of nine months, at which point she is assisted in the birth of her baby. Some females are known to give up their infants and in such cases the infant is taken on by a host family. The beauty of the female varys from group to group, but most females will try and achieve a look that fits in with an accepted idea of beauty. Females as mothers are sensitive animals and will spend many sleeplees nights tending their new born children. Humans and other animals Human don’t only dominate each other, they dominate over all the animals.

They use other animals for experiments that help ensure the survival of their species. Humans consider themselves to be more then just animals. Humans and humans humans will enforce their systems of belief, on others of their specie’s. It all falls in line with Mr darwin’s theory of the fittest. My own unqualified opinion shapes to form the following theory. Life is not based on the survival of the fittest, but rather by the ability of time to rewrite the genetic code.

Cosmo-Analysis Lets deal with black holes here. By suggestion, I am led to believe that we live in a white hole. Over the years man has continued to repostulated what a black hole might be. Man marvelled at one idea after another, about the thing, he was unable to see. But he never saw it coming. Akin was your average human, and while his mind was always drawn to scientific research, he was not clever,and as such, Orac frequently informed him that he was stupid. The light that now brings to visual the life of Akin had previously no space, but time brought the shine, that had it’s roots in the black hole.

With the last solar eclipse of the last century his eyes were opened. Unhappy with the events he saw, he depressed his mind and then arrived the first solar eclipse, of the new millinium. Life is unfair Thinking and pondering on certain subjects ain’t going to make them better.

One has to adapt and deal with the bastard that created the unfair. Akin was unsure about, what he was supposed to do, when his life arrived at the intersection of choice. Should he adapt and pursue the path of selfish instint, or accept what the signs told him. The millenium of change arrived at the end of 1999 and delivered the first world war of the century. Familiar words from the by-gone century began to show their ugly heads, and somewhere in Africa, the genocide, the famine, the hiv, the coruption continued to rule.

The damage of the last thousand years had its evidence shown by the floods, by the melting, by the heating up, by the earthquakes, by the unexpected weekend rain. Akin understood that the only thing, stopping him from seeing his future was light and so he spent many of his days thinking about black holes. As is the way of the world, Akin soon found himself in one. This story takes place after the depression that had shadowed Akins life, was lit up by light. Akin had found himself a house that was for rent.

He looked at the castle he had on loan, the magestic reject, that had failed to live up to it’s plan. Deep down he knew nothing could protect him from his mind. Not the stone walls, not the green grass, not the bills, and so Akin dreamt of freedom. Akin kept little coded notes of the things that affected his mind. After thirty cycles all his data would in the past have filled two rooms. Notes 34.The past is all in your head. 23.The shake of his hands gave him butterfingers. From his notes he found it difficult to pick up the peaces, to many fragments had been lost in the history of time. Akin lay on his bed and read another file. Humans and Information Humans have over come the limitations of memory, and built an extended memory.

The information stored in their extended memory offers us the largest insight into exactly what it constitutes to be a Human being. It has taken me five years to decifer the code, at first all I found was ones and zeros. I swam the shark infested waters of the  code, and by some enigma, I became enlightened to a higher level code. The ambush had been sucessful, with blood on their hands they returned to the cave and incidently left a print there. That night by the fire light, they looked in amazment at the hand waving at them. Now there was information on the cave wall. The file opened his eyes to see for the first time exactly who he was. He scrbbled a note to a file, To know myself is not enough, I need to find control.

I understand the things I have done. I see the mistakes, I have made, and if I continue to be me, it is with gaurantee that they will be repeated. I have never being responsible for my actions, and getting to know myself has not helped. The positive aspect of getting to know me, is that I have come to see what other self’s are like. My actions are based on beliefs, in time the choice may turn out to be wrong, but looking back at the mis-judgements, I know I did not think at all. Akin was always busy sorting out other peoples problems and seldom gave the time to his own.

He was often surprised at the way people around him were taken in by his speeches. A friend had left home, on his advice. So many lifes had changed on his account, but his skills were like a bug, he had no control over the matter that poured from his mouth. So he filled his mind with questions, and tried to find answers in silent reflection. Words are dangerous and as such were best unsaid. He transfered his mental notes to paper, for analysation at a later date. And from that date he moved the bits to a hard drive for manipulation. Given a said number of heart beats, Akin was aware that time was running out, but procrastination ensured that he only processed a thousand and twenty four bits a day.

LOST I am currently serving six years for a crime of bad parenting. I will be sixteen years old on my release date. When the Renault five with white government plates comes for you, there is no time for goodbyes. I’ve been in a car three times before, the knot in my stomach tells me I am not going to enjoy this ride. The streets are empty .The streets are silent. I hope my teacher gets word home of my departure.

INSTITUTIONALIZED: We find that it is in the best interest of the child to have him placed in the custody of the lost children’s home. This is the judgment of the court on the evidence provided by the social services. My interest at the time was to be at home with the people I knew. My whole life changed by a fat man in a long black dress and a lady in polyester. DAY ONE The first day was the worst. I felt as if I have gate crashed a party although I was invited. All previous privileges have been forgotten. The matron or warden informs me of the rules. I am then issued with a uniform, which I am told I’ll have to wear all the time. The matron then screams for a boy called Melvin. Melvin I estimated to be fourteen. I am then escorted to what will be my sleeping quarters, for the following two years. Our dormitory is called the blue dorm; Melvin has the duty of keeping my fellow Dorm mates and me in order. The only thing blue about our dorm is the way I am feeling. Mel as I would later be allowed to call him, introduces me to the other cellmates. The other four quizzes me, they are interested in everything about me. Why was I sent here? How long I am Staying? How old am I? Mostly they are interested in the outside world. Mel- Fourteen-dorm monitor, hard as nails. Sam-fourteen -bed wetter Dave – twelve-Pregidous Bradley- twelve-full of jokes Kent- Thirteen-Escape artist Bradley helps me make my bed. In the past all I had was a lousy blanket, which I chose on occasion to pull over the bed. I am and will continue to be lazy? Brad shows me how to make hospital corners. All the bed linen is marked property of government services, my new keeper. I am here at their expense; the only cost to me is my freedom. After we finish making the bed Bradley pulls off the blankets and makes it again. This is done for my benefit, to prove it takes less then a minute to make up a bed. Kent informs me that our daily life will follow certain routines. Morning Inspections, breakfast, school, lunch, One-hour rest, work assignments. Ablution five pm, inspections and diner.Bedtime, nine pm lights out. For a first day there is a lot to learn. In the blue dorm on my first night I was the entertainment. I told stories of the outside world. Dave refused to believe any thing I said, and called me a stupid kid or words to that effect. Lights out, we climb into our government property beds. Every one stares at me and I am soon to find out that it is impossible to jump into my bed. Bradley had folded the top sheet in half, an apple pie he called it. With the joke on me what will my new life be? My name is Akin, I am eight years old although to look at one might mistake me for someone that’s only been round the sun six times. My hair is blonde my eyes are blue but I am colored to you. All the skills I have learnt for survival is insufficient to get me threw my new home. Mel will keep me in order; I will receive regular chokes, nothings serious. My previous keeper had saw fit to leave scars on my face as a reminder of authority. Mel would not leave scars. THE MORNING AFTER Sleep did not come easy on the first night. My thoughts extended in every direction. I was awake when Sam wet his bed. The sound of keys brought morning and a new matron. Our dorm was opened at six am. The morning matron was called Mrs. Frost and not maam like the other matrons, I am not sure if it was because she demanded a higher sense of discipline or because maam sounded too much like mum. We were not her kids and she was glad about that. She assigned me some chores, daily I would have to sweep and mop the dorm floor. Mrs. Frost issued me with school uniform, which included my first tie, that Sam showed me how to tie, as gratitude for helping carry out his smelly mattress. Today was to be my first day at a new school, which came as a surprise, I had expected to be allowed at least a week for adjusting. New schools are a scary place. My biggest fear was not being clever enough to fit in to a new class. I hoped the government would come and pick me up and take me back to my old school where it found me. After breakfast we congregated in the courtyard for inspection. I looked good in my new uniform, until Mrs. Frost decided that I should wear a jersey to keep out the cold. The jersey was two sizes to big. It had been Mels. Now it was mine. Id never worn a jersey to school, Id never owned one up till now and I hated it. After inspection we marched to school. School was a half an hour walk threw one of the finest suburbs I had ever seen. My size earned me a place in front of the march or crocodile as we called it. Mel took me to the head teacher who assigned me a class. On many occasions I have been accused of hating school, but this is not true, take away the other students and Ill do fine. There go the lost kids, Marching in vain With nothing to gain There go the lost kids Poverty is a disease They handle with ease Cheat There had to be away, to beat the system of control that Akin found his mind in. There had to be, something greater acting on his self. Was he serving the mytocondria or was it serving him? Akin moved forward in thought. He travelled his mind, like a misdirected tourist. Probeing at places, it did not belong, pauses, interupts, output, game over. Expunged When the game was over, he drifted from gratification and stoped at’ what is the time, where has all the time gone, how long had the game been on, addicted to another world, it was worth the price. Seventy two hours and forty pounds later, he had felt and touch things, things he could not touch. He remembered swimming in a pool, outside a castle, he had one hundred stars explored. Dance Then there was new music playing, and the dance floor, heat a high velocity. The parents were moaning and complaining but the young ones said, ‘ what do you known about our generation, you can’t tell the difference between a bit and a tit.’ Orac Was a gift from god, and was capable of no wrong. He was the kind of person, that inspired people. He is a respected member of the society, an outstanding, stand up individual. Humans and walls They build great walls for the soul purpose of tearing them down. I noted the one human built a wall to protect the humas he was processing in his garden. Within the prison walls he found his freedom. Akin looked at the things his brain was telling him. Akin looked at the objects his eyes were processing, and wondered were they really there. Was there space apart from that which had existed in his mind. A fist object reached his nose and changed his reflection, from that moment on, the outside world did exist. Choice The amount of choice available to the individual is directly proportionate, to his wealth. No cash no choice. In terms of fairness, those that control the system, will no doubt inform you, it works. Dollar can only buy material things and leaves the self unsatisfied. the words of an economist,’ Its better to be rich and unhappy, then poor and unhappy.’ money In order to make money, you have to be willing to do anything. So now she stands, on the street corner, blanketed in darkness, waiting for him to bring currency. Is it worth the risk? for the profit to make. She lived on the side of the road and let it be not untold With an empty stomach he used his muscle to dig the hole. He pounded the soil knowing what was offered for his toil. And as the hole got deeper, it was time to think about, his same everyday meal. They gave him a huge amount to guess from the knowledge he had aquired where the profits lay. With a golden handshake he was gone. gamble They battled with their minds and the strongest survived. Orac took his winnings and divided the spoils with a little share for Akin. As it was christmas come early, Akin returned to his dorm to do a little dance. An hour later, Orac returned with a hiding, and the money given back. It was just a dream when he put the gun to his head, if it were not then he would be dead. Akin had excercised his choice in the land of dreams, a place he feared to tread. He opened his eyes to his memory of dreams. He opened his mind and found a folder entitled past. A lot of information arrived as output but he remained certain, that he could not be sure, if he was alive anymore. The size that counts Insatiable desire forced the mind and heart to conspire, and fool the head into thinking, that the place where we are re-united with family and friends be a heaven not a hell. Heaven a place with no memory. The balance for hell. An island of the mind. Akin had one dream and when it came true he found himself on a plane, flying to his island heaven. FLY There is always time to think. It had been in his head a few minutes earlier, but he lost it. And the lost data continued to grow. It created a smile when he thought about her. A mear thought can trigger an emotion. A mear thought can trigger a body function. Functions of the body breathing Oxygen is a highly explosive and dangerous gas. Free radicals are the by product of oxygen and speed up the ageing process. The involuntary function. crying Crying has a calming effect on the stressed body. There is a time to cry. There is a need to cry. sight With a flick of a switch the lights were on. eating The first meal is a liquid designed to help the immune system. Hunger is triggered by the stomach when the body requires energy. communication crying is the first communication device. imitation There is nothing new in this world, ideas are just copies of other ideas. exploration When the lights are on there is time to discover the world out there. Another body interfering with my thought. There is no escaping, unless thy will be strong. The hardest battle to fight, is where evil is the enemy. Why am I thinking such things? where is my mind? are my eyes still opened? do I remain blind?. Wisdom Understanding that it is just one big miracle. No one knows for sure why we are here. But since we are here, no one deserves to be unhappy. Knowing the difference between whats animal behaviour and whats human. At the same time these are words of coincidence between writing and tv. miracle tension years fly truth These are the words of co-incidence between mind and tv. the younger kid A person History Change When thy eyes be opened, things will affect thee differently, hence the positive enlightment. Evil has returned, I continue to fight it. The persistant evil, the evil evil, the blind, interupting evil. We should seek to do good because its good. The battle of wills In terms of light it be evil that shine bright Becareful of thy actions, these will be the memories in later years. Again the evil has returned, wearing the usual sheeps clothing, a smile for the secret it hides. Its easy to forget that you hate evil but it returns to remind you. Evil is that power you let control you. Its the gut feeling when you not hungry. Its the bastard hangover, the hangover with a name and mind of it’s own. mis-placed guilt Forgive them, they know not what they do. I was a selfish child because that’s what they taught me to be. I am not comfortable with the choice I have to make. I breathe not by choice, and as an individual of the economic globual, I seek material wealth without choice. Will and form The unified will of the people can create form with out matter. With out light there is no matter. All life is a combination of matter and light existing through time. And it was the will of nature, that it be the de-bugging device for the genetic code of life. Control The Authority to impose sanctions or distribute rewards. System Expresses the idea of a set of words related to each other in patterns. The operational system A huge amount of data that gave the person a chance to play games. HELLO WORLD This document is a copy of the fly. The Fly was a copy of incidence. Incidence was a copy of the reflection. The reflection was renamed as Profusion. Profusion is now renamed Evolve. Silence His mind had made him say things he did not want to say, but for the social to work, they was a need for talk. He applied his mind to computers, as he wanted to know what all the fuss was about. The basic program Instructions are basically expressions of logic, and in the first program I confronted I found a flaw. The hello world program is a program where one types Hello world and the computer prints hello world. My Logic dictated the hello world program in any language should be written as a code. i.e PRINT ‘ WAKE’ Should be the instruction to output Hello world. On the positive I was impressed that hello world had been chosen, it signifies a need to communicate. If you isolate a man from society and leave him to his mind he will find a way to reach another mind. Hello world is a simple program yet has meaning beyond its variables, it signifies lonliness, its from one voice, and in terms of evolution it is the crocodile of the data world. The idea that one could from code have a clear picture of what the person writing the code was thinking at the time, for me bordered on science fiction. The amazing thing is that the people who played with code had eventually changed the very hello world program into a tool that that could communicate. What’s the word The re-program proves the limitation of the word. I asked for program and it gave me profusion. The word was not compatable if one cared to upgrade. The word understands more of the english rules then I do and in that aspect it has been a good tutor. Unfortunatly the link between Program and Profusion is lost on me. The word is money in the bank. I am neither geek nor hacker just a guy with questions about the evolution of data. The intentions of the document is to paint a picture. I have neither brush nor canvas, so I paint with data. After Hello World the data proceeded to the first data inteligent programs. I wont say much on A.I, as I find it scary data. The reason for this, is that if data had evolved Hello world into the tool for communication, would it too not evolve into the Artificial being. There was a young boy isolated from the world, but it did not get him down, for in his heart he believed he would find someone. He built a machine to find others like him. Then he wrote a program to reach out for someone. Then the gods heard his prayer and let the program run. In conclusion, I say the hello world is the most powerful program and As Dr Roo would say all other programs are just a part of the Hello World program.



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