Chapter 44

A Tale of 2 Schools



Shantelle arrives at school 30 mins early, she sits on the bench in the play ground takes out her blackberry torch and BBMs broadcast the following message. ” I hate school, I am so tired” She opens her bag and takes out a chocolate and begins her morning munch. She checks her Facebook.

Zola is on her way to school, she is close to the Masai tree which means she is left 5km of her 20km walk to school. She begins to trot to speed things along. She is in her final year of school as is Shantelle.

Zola finally arrives at the school in a puddle of sweet smelling sweat which is later to become the BO that her teacher hates.

Shantelle changes her Facebook status to ” I love my boyfriend ” and stares at her phone hoping he would respond with an instant like. The school bell rings, she hides  her phone, so she can take it into class to check, when her BoyF responds.

Zola enters the school gates. She heads to the taps for drink of water, and to wash the dust from the dirt path off her feet. She checks the time and there is still 10 mins to go before school starts, so she opens her history text book and starts to read about British colonization in Africa. It is not a chapter she is studying yet, but no harm can come from being ahead of the class.

The teacher ask Shantelle for her homework, but she responds with the same reply she gives everyday. ” My computer crashed so I could not connect to the internet to do research.

Zola hears the school bell and rushes to class, she politely greets the teacher and sits in the front of the class, she takes out her homework, and cleans a candle wax splash from the page.

A feeling on nausea comes over Shantelle she excuses herself and head to the lavatory. ” What is this morning nausea I always feel” she asked herself.

[1] Okay we will just call him OP it is easier to tweet.
[2] There is power in the name of
[3] Nature vs Nurture


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