Chapter 43

Ways of Laughing in Africa

Life is fragile, we are all like shooting stars, just a flash in the night, and our light is gone. If we lucky someone makes a wish on us, if we blessed the whole world takes a wink at us. Life is short and long at the same time, long when we endure the uphill climbs and short when the end is in sight.


There are many  archetypes, many horoscopes, many religions that can be used to define our humanity, to define life. Tembesani came up with his own way, and simple said that each of us is apart of the body of mankind. Some people were leg people, they were born with the ability to run, some people with hand people , they were born with the ability to fix things, some were brain people, they were born with the ability to think. Through out his years on the spinning rock in the heavens, Tembesani refined his way of thinking about life. He brought his mind to the conclusion that there is a GOD, but God was not a man sitting in heaven on a throne, but rather that God was a field of energy out of which was born everything and anything.


Of course, I as author, agree with the thoughts that are occurring in your head as you read this, Tembesani was never right about any of his observations of life, his was a star that no one would make a wish on, a star that crashed and burned without any alteration to the people on earth.


On the day that Tembesani sat in the Doctors office analyzing  the wood carving of the 2 African warriors  on the Doctors desk, and wondering why all Doctors, had the exact same carving in their offices, it came as no surprise to him, when the doctor told him, that a cancer was to put out his star light in just over a year. He simply smiled at the doctor and said, ” It does not surprise me, I have always being a brain person, you may call it cancer up in there, but I think of it as wear and tear.”

Smile, the doctor did.


[1] Democracy can never work in a country in which the masses are uneducated and their votes have a purchase price.

[2] Affirmative Action destroys exisiting businesses, and replaces it with a skeleton of itself. Better to have an affirmative tax and leave businesses to run as is.

[3] A time will come to end the system of Governance by political party’s and replace it with leaders from the cream of the crop in their fields to govern the departments of government. i.e the best educator as manger of education.

[4] Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Do not believe everything you read on the computer mind network.

[5] Smile {needs citation}


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