Chapter 39

The Between Time

EDIT coming soon (first draft )


For several years Khu climbed the ladder of hate and violence, Saul-ing his way across the many who refused to believe in the new era of the liberators. His belt was full of notches, one for each life he ended. Every ended life meant a gain in his wallet size, and an increase in his wallet size equated to a stretch in his stomach size, and hence space for more belt notches.

The masses were blind to the silent liberation that came after wars of liberation. This silent liberation is happening right now and is a simple  battle for economic ownership of resources(to the winners the spoils). Khu  was blind like the many to  the silent liberation even though he was a tool for change and as soon as his services were no longer needed, his wallet dried up.

He began coughing, and feeling aches and pains in places that his mind never knew existed. He took his body to a traditional doctor, a master of herbs, and exotics, and specialist in conditions of the mind. The traditional doctor said no hope was to be found and it best Khu prepare for his eventual end of life.

Khu unfazed borrowed a few penny’s and took his body to a real(How do you define) doctor. This doctor as real as the white coat he was wearing, explained to Khu, that he had cancer of the mind, and that just to get a proper diagnosis was going to be very expensive, and as for treatment, that was a whole new ball game of fees. You poor you die, with your God-given ailment. Yes I know we all eventually follow the grim reaper, but money can extend the in between time.

The cancer flashed all the faces of the people he killed before his eyes, moving his mind to reach out into the history of the world and the many who had to die to shift a political paradigm the masses choose for their oppression and it cleared his conscious.

He laughed to himself, thinking the masses love their idols of oppression, they fight it from time to time, and replace it from time to time, but always their idols are forced to oppressed them, cause the masses need their misery and suffering for their definition of life to be true.

Khu removed his belt, fashioned it into  a noose, then tied the belt to a tree and added his final notch.

” It is time the world smiled more, it is time someone changed it, one smile at a time” His final words as his life was removed from the reflection in the mirror , and he departed from the heaven and hell of life on earth.


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