Chapter 37

Goffal I.D

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Lionel the mixed race bastard had no identity, no place to call home. He called out to the Gods of Google and they provided him with a single blurred image of his grandmother and grandfather. Articles on the image called it the jungle fever of a passionate love affair. The day after the photo was taken his grandmother borrowed Mona Lisa’s face and wore it to her dying day. Some say it was the cancer that killed her, but in the tiny village of Zvimba floating off many tongues sounded the words

“shinawako chiganan died of loneliness ”

Her family chased her from the land as the custom dictated, that a black must not have a brown baby. They killed Goffals don’t they. The father of her unborn child ran as far as he could in an attempt to bring silence to the screams that remained loud and clear in  his head .

[1] Goffal : mixed race Zimbabwean

[2]Bushi : mixed race South African

[3] The Goffal Speaks


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