Chapter 35

Letter from African to an African American


Shack 303


Re : The problem is white men

Hola ( Hola 7)

For us in Africa, our lack of freedoms, and right to basic human needs, is being imposed on us, by people with the same skin color as ours. Our black leaders satisfy their greed at our expense. The richest continent on the earth, has the most suffering, because the black at top, feels nothing for the black man at the bottom. So yes white people are like that, but so are many blacks, it is a human trait, the potential for evil. Trust me I would rather be an African-American, then a plain old African, given the status quo of the African life.

thoughts: The auto-tune rapper with blood diamonds in his teeth, blood diamonds around his neck, blood diamonds around his wrist, loud and proudly calling himself an African-American, when he aint never being to Africa, and several Africans had to die to satisfy his fashion sense.

Have a sense of balance and wear a chip on both shoulders.


An Angry African


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