Chapter 34

The Race Dust Cloud

He was born in Africa, his ancestors were African, who migrated to Europe and lost their pigment. Without the pigment, the dear leader and his supporters vowed to remove his ability to play in the economic field. Fate. The Europe migrants rejected his application to join them. He scratched his head and thought WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT.

Pay day had come early, she contemplated taking some disposable income to install a weave on her head. She heard a rumor, that 90% of African women with weaves face the risk of brain cancer due to excessive head patting. She was caught in a crossfire of thought, to weave or not too weave, when a single thought eventually won the battle.

It was something about Cornel West, and how African-Americans define themselves through white eyes, and now she as an African-African, was trying to define herself through the eyes of an African-American.

Watching TV
Jannie and Sheila sat hand in hand on an old, but comfortable couch, watching the weekend evening movie. The issue of race echoed from the the TV into their minds.

Jannie “The blacks hate whites now, more than they did in the days of slavery”
Sheila ” Yes we do, I mean yes they do”

new yin


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