Chapter 28




DATE 1/10/05

Episode #2

Recent Head line news

John Herald
Six billion scaled in the largest robbery yet

The rate of exchange
Untie Nat sent me two £2.

What can I buy
budget $240 000.00 ZWD
Two and a half liters of petrol
Seven and a half loaves of bread
Four beers in bar
Seven beers in a store
A bag of rice five tomatoes five onions

the Joy and Mack section

I need a dorp of water. The only thing worse then watching paint dry is waiting for a water cut to end. We was up at six in the a.m hoping to catch an early morning thub before going to our under paying jobs. When we got there to the bathroom, the one with a wall that needs painting, the water was in no supply. We both settled for turkish baths, a little
warm water in a bucket.

There are some people claiming that they get sick after drinking tap
water, so have resorted to boiling or filtering their water. If the system can handle a stiff shot then we say it can handle, the funny smelling liquid called water.

VT guide

Mondays Highlights

7:30 Studio 263
7:35 Studio 263
7:40 Studio 263
7:45 Studio 263
7:50 Studio 263
7:55 Studio 263
8:00 Studio 263

For the rest of the weeks viewing see mondays highlights.


Who is Edgar Langveld?_

Answer: He is the first and only foggal comedian. The only discription for
his performance is *bad. His hifa performance was the zim equivalent of Eddies M….. delerious.( Heavy stuff)

The Movies
(here critic of movies)

This week I could not afford to hit the scope house, so I can not offer a critic. I will however comment on the state of the movies houses. Apart from the smoking and talking, they
are not that bad. We have all that digital surround stuff, and you can still get popcorn, and expensive tong(bill).

Page 3


In the begining there was Van Reebyk then came the coloured, out of the
coloured came the Goffle, from the Goffle emerged the foggle. Social Scientests who have being conducting studies on foggle culture…

results of studie to be posted later. Here link to How to become a foggle.

Comments Editorial
This news letter will evolve over time.

Copy left
Please note this is my contributions to those of the same culture as
me. And anyone of those foggleuse speaking people have the right to
use this document in anyway shape or form, that they choose.

et le monie
Sometimes an Ouen needs a dorp.

For the next copie of let me tune you, I apologise but you will have to
chill a while…


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