Chapter 26


The Useless Colored Thesis

I heard through the grapevine that tomys takkies are making a come back. Fashion is a mul (mad) item, like when you check out old tophos (photos) of your self (pat), you just have to laugh. What made us dress like that. Yet handling a pair of tomys was an important thing. When a fashion takes hold, we are gripped by it, by some kind of invisible hand that molds us into it.


Is  what they tuning(telling) me true, are  tomys, making a come back? Fashion tends to follow certain rules, like  it has to have a decent label name and good price tag.  Part of the nature of a fashion trend,  is the monkey see monkey do thing. However when it came to tomys the foggals(coloreds)(mixed race Zim people) did what no other people have done before, they made a fashion trend out of the cheapest label.


What worries me, is that there seems to be, other fashions trends, that are not related at all to clothes(reags). Like now it is fashionable in Zimbabwe, to talk about Goffal(foggal) Ouens(men) as useless, while ignoring the invisible hand that made the fashion trend.


How do fashions start, who was the first person to don(wear) a pair of tomys? What brave soul ventured fourth, you can imagine the burns(teases). Who was the second person to don tomys? he probably thought the first person looked cool. I remember at the height of the fashion people who once laugh(t) had been converted and became apart of the trend .


I want to run further with the latest fashion to call Ouens(goffal men) useless. It is a serious statement when you think about it, because to imply that someone is useless, essentially gives that someone an excuse. I cant do anything because I am useless.


If tomys are making a comeback, I have not yet noticed it. But fashion is like that, kinda invisible. Sometimes fashions work hand in hand. Like chinese scooners(slippers) and white socks. The fashion to call colored Ouens useless, is one such fashion. It is a cousin to the fashion trend of colored women dating native(buntu migrants(native?) Zimbabwe’s(not useless).


The difference between the brothers(coloreds and blacks) is that one has money(black) the other has none(Goffal). Thus to have no money is to be useless. Now lets look at what might be invisible . Useless means something closer to not being able to do anything. Like having your hands tied. What is invisible is who binds our hands and why? In a sense to be useless is to be without power.


This article or document is not about pointing fingers, my intention is only to talk about fashion. For most of us when we donned(wore) our tomys at the height of the fashion in the late 80s, this was the second time we wore the cheap tackies. The first time being, as welfare supply brown tomys. In the days of brown tomys it was not fashionable to call Ouens useless, but more the opposite. We were known then as hard-working people, who were sharp(razor)at our grafts.


But the useless foggal  thing is just a fashion, so surely it will pass. What concerns me is that unlike other fashions, it will not get the chance for a comeback. To be useless is to have no purpose and things that have no purpose are eradicated from society.


Lets consider O Adam the first Ouen to don tomys.  What was his motivation? One thing we can be certain about, is that he did not have much bucs(money). The equivalent of today’s useless Colored. So how come the fashion of useless colored did not exist then?  Lets also consider O Eve, the first women, to say all coloreds are useless. What was her motivation. I think here shines the light?


She responded with the colored men are useless, in defense, afraid of the abuse she might receive for dating a native.

Of course it will all come down to a debate. I will finish this document with a brief discussion of the different motivations. Lets take this a bit deeper. For every action there is a cause and effect. Cause Adam had no bucs,(money) he wore tomys, effect a whole community adopts the fashion. Because Eve had no bucs, she dates a native brother – effect Foggal Ouens look down on her.


Further down the rabbit hole, lets now look at the cause that brought about the effect of Foggals looking down on Eve. Part of it has to do with a piece of indoctrination bred in to us by the British settlers. People like Richard Dawkins the author of the “selfish gene”, call the phrase “all Colored Ouens are useless” a meme. He reckons a meme works in the same way as a rumour. It spreads from mind to mind kinda like the fashion thing.


Life tells us that in order for something to grow it must have a seed. Adams seed was poverty and so was Eves. However the seed of the meme “All Foggal Ouens are useless” Is something I can’t seem to find, could it have been a meme planted in Eve’s ear, by a Native Son of the North Buntu soil,  at some club, she went to, in hopes of some escape, from the horror that became her life after the Great British Betrayal of Colored Zimbabweans.


Mixed Race Zimbabwean=Colored



Colored: Made, created and abandoned by the British!


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