Chapter 24

The Last Goffal Story


A shorter story

Magic moments
A young man sat on the road, whistling like a bird for a babe that resided
in a cabin near by. Then a connection(friend) passed bye and they both said
Howzit(Hello). So the guy who was perching said to the friend who was a
connection, “Just ankering for (my) babe”. So they said their laters
for their goodbyes. And this here our connection, continued his sitting
and whistling.

After some emit had gone he began to understand through foggle
intuition, that her barley might have said to whats her (name), that
she cant go out. And forsure he (is) soon to find out he was right.

So with a heavy heart he ascended and prepared himself for the
bounce cabin.

A (Vieome) noodle

Dont worry be happy
Now the connection who had passed by, (you) might know him, he is known
as a useless goffal. Anyway he was heading to the shop, to score some
things for his O’queen, who had said to him ” you must not forget to
buy the garlic again.” He had said to his friend that was siting,” (Make)
some money “. And the friend had made it. Well to cut (the) long story short
This is the last paragraph.

The moral of the story was that the connection between foggals is,
oh what was the moral again. Sh.. I forgot.
But don’t worry it will land to me.


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