Chapter 22

   The Hybrid Continuum

This is an Extract from an old blog I used to keep, the document may not make sense to people outside of Africa, or for People North of Africa.

Dec 1999

Who is going to liberate us?

Firstly do we need liberation. After all most goffals I
speak to, seem to think that all goffals ever do is put
each other down. Or they scandel and spread vicious rumors,
that the men like to beat up their women. That they like
fighting. That they hate being goffal.

So do a people like that need liberation. I will
argue in this paper that we do need liberation.
It will give us our independence in this world.
After all, the british built us into
a system that made us dependent on them and when we
needed them they turned their backs on us. The plugs.

Yes amongst the goffal community there exist evil people
that are capable of reporting an underground brother or
sister and thus sentencing them to a death sentence in
Zimbabwe by the hands of poverty. But I say we all need

Given the choice between black and white which would you
choose. Given a choice between white and black and
foggal, which would you choose. I am thinking foggal.
On the underground you are a blackman, on the overground you
are someone who followed (smith), not worth the blood that runs
through your viens.

Do we as a people deserve rights for the wrongs that were forced apon
us. I maybe a coloured by accident but I am a foggal by experiment.
Meetings were held to decide the fate of our ancestors. We know our
starting point.

Ia(m) Smith (vs) Gabie
The truth of the matter is that the blacks wont accept us and neither
will the whites, we will always be the turds(goffal). In every foggal
ouens heart he does not want to be accepted as anything other then
what he is. A foggal. A foggal and proud. We want to keep our way
of life, and be afforded the rights of any other human being.

The young kids have it so easy with all this technology and I
guess they might not want to hear the following. When I was
young there was a (program) that I used to watch on the black
and white tv, next door. I think it was called f(r)oggal Rock
or something like that, it had these dozers and tanks.
I could never understand what it was about and it is strange
to be thinking about it now.

When I was young I had to wear white gloves and stand and wave
to an old women in an old looking model gee. You as good as
dumb if you dont speak. In one life time you can go from
a world of hope to a world with out a pope. Ask questions.
Where is the old lady now. Can someone take the place of the pope
Is there a john amongst us is there a paul.

A deep question
How can we be sure that the blacks and whites arnt pretending to
be fighting and the joke is on us. Put it like this, there is three
ouens then the two ouens decide to gang on the third ouen kinda like
the parable of the one sweet. These three ouens are given one sweet
to share, then two of them decide to cut up the other one. When the
next ouen asks wheres the twis the other twos ouens both blame it on
the other. One skims the other ouen hucked it the other reckons tus
the other hucked it. Behind the third ouens back
they both share it half. The third ouen gets zero.
I am talking about less then zero I mean double zero.
We are the nothings and F. All we are worth is an
underground village.

Speak with one voice
The most important thing in this world is to know yourself.
Are we the middle children of history. What is our purpose.
Let me continue with the parable. Now the third ouen being a
goffal one through intuition figured out what the other
two ouens were doing. So he decided to get his own back at
them. He was so flat he first wanted to put the boot to them,
but instead decided to do the hood thing.

The age of the average foggal was sixteen in vetnam(kong)
it was. So the next ouen went to the first ouen and tuned
hey china you owing me. Time has gone by so fast. In the
past only the science fictions movies had cellphones,
now tom dick and harry are all sporting them.

Bold statement
Charlie was wrong, Dar(K)wins theory that all man came from
the black man is wrong. I propose that all man came from the
foggal. For one thing it explains all the different species.

Only amongst the foggals to we see all the nations of the world

The black foggal
The white foggal
The bi foggal
The arab foggal
The chinese foggal
The abbo Foggal
The lost foggal
The jap foggal
The philipino foggle
The portugues foggle
The greek foggle

The list goes on


Sending message
So you want to be a one or a zero.

This document shall end where it began
We are…


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