Chapter 23

The Goffal Mechanic



I think it was O Goza that tuned me this story. “Do you know why we
make brilliant mechanics? When I was learning the trade, my sob(boss)
he was one of those Ouens, who did not smark, to pass on the skills
he (new) to me. So me (I) I started asking my own questions, about how the engine grafts.

I would look
at the engine and then check it out the engine, and also when the sobb was
doing the graft I would watch him, checking all his moves, scanning the gaft lekker. Sometimes he would say spanner boy
do this and do that, I didnt even argue, I just got on with the
(silent t)frag. I should have argued maybe even put the boot to him,
I am no spanner. I never spannered nobody. If the women gave it was
because she was willing and has no respect for herself.
I was brought up to eat what was on my plate. And (I am) no spanner,
cause I respect myself and never eat another mans meat, sh.. hey that
is poison(girl).

Anyway over time, I taught myself how a ride runs.”

Hah, ya it was O’ Goza that tuned me this story. I remember, we were at
a braai, well the braai was kinda just ending. Some people were hitting
the gig, some where not(cabin callin). Me and o Ogoza were having a
good rap. He has some mean(cool) stories. He had the one that had this
theory, wait(anker) I was tuning u mensir about the Mac story, lets rewind.

Back to the braai
I would like to give a shout out to all the braai masters. I know you
burn your fingers, so we can have something to eat. And some of us after
that zrage, its python style, we hit the sack. So thanks for the
graft well done.

“Then one day when my boss was out, this customer landed with his ride
and asked for mac. (Is) this coming out right, hah? he wanted a mac,
now me I was, just a spanner boy, not even an Appy yet. So I tuned him,
sorry the sobb is out. So he got in his car to leave. I forget the car,
I think it was an Anglea or something, so he starts he car, then I said
wait a minute, (what) this ouens idling is not right. So I stopped the
Barley and sorted his rarc out. The funny thing (is) up until that
minute I was always looking I was never listening. Sometimes you
have to take(s) the time to have the time.”

Then he ended there, lets call it a night. To be honest It was two
weeks later when he finished the story.

Unt(i)e says the dyslexic



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