Chapter 17

Am I Dead ?



An Oracle once said ” Everything that has a beginning, has an ending “

I spoke to friends of mine and informed them that I was planning on writing a second book, and the first chapter would be about death, they responded with the usual you can’t do that. My thinking was that life begins in death, it is by the death of something, that others live. The first source of life, oxygen is a most dangerous gas, it gives us life, but slowly kills us too.

As Zimbabweans we are no strangers to death, in my short life I have buried 3 brothers, my mum, my dad, my grandmother, and many others in my extended family (R.I.P).

We all have this, great fear of death, when the cancer(greed) that affects Zimbabwe was first diagnosed, most of its citizens, in the most cowardly fashion, packed their bags and headed west, they loved Zimbabwe much, but not enough to fight for its healing, not enough to nurse it back to life. With each plane load, each car load,and each footstep in the great exodus from death, of a beloved country, another nail, was put into the coffin, of a once beautiful nation.

And the word on the street is that Zimbabwe is getting better, through some kind of fake unity and US dollar chemo, and the exodusians looking from afar, start birthing thoughts of returning home, not realizing that the home, they have in their minds, is only a memory of what Zim used to be. Zim is not healing, in fact it edges, ever closer to its final demise, what will emerge from the worms of its death, is a future not yet carved, in the fortune teller’s tea leaves.

It is estimated at least 5 million cowards, left the country Zimbabwe, for the greener grass, on the other side, but never a word of the over 3 million, that returned to dust or ashes as result of those that sit around the fires of greed, warming their huge full bellies, while wiping meaty grease, from wide smiling mouths.

A friend of mine was telling me, a story of a man, that died on a cross, to free the world from sin, but unknown to the man, his unselfish act, only meant, that people would be given life, so that they can continue in their sins. Who are you? to call us cowards, we left Germany to avoid Hitler’s gas rooms of death. I want to argue and say that heaven and hell are places on this earth, existing in our life’s, but nothing will come of that, because death brings pain to us all.

I lift the carpet and look around to make sure, no one is looking, and then quickly but incompletely, sweep this  chapter under the carpet.

Then the words of the Architect come to mind, ” hope that quint-essential human delusion both the source of our greatest strength and our utter weakness “




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