Chapter 10


The Freckled Continuuuuuuum!

Robert Brown’s hair had an Irish brogue to it, the redness only served to bring out his freckles even more. The farm he lived on was as far as the horse could ride, it had belonged his great trekking grandfathers, and now to his father. His brothers teased him often , saying his freckles were a sign that he was mixed raced. A single drop of black. P.C drop of African.  John Douglas his uncle went as far as telling him, that the only way to remove that drop, was to wash his face with cow dung. Which he did, giving all a good laugh on him. For this practical joke and the many others played on brown spotted Robert he found himself spending more time with the African farm laborers, getting to know their ways and their culture.

Fast Forward

Robert eventually left the farm and moved to the city and found love in the arms of a black women.  Tsitsi his wife carried his seed and gave birth a day after Robert died to a mixed race daughter.  That daughter married an African-American and had an African-American son.

Tendai her son traveled to Africa in search of his ancestors and was surprised to find white skinned  John Douglas.



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