Chapter 6



In this thesis I will argue, that Zim will never return, to its former 80’s glory in a 1000 years, and I say that with smith irony, and a hope that I might be wrong.

With the dollarisation of the economy, hope stretched over Zim people’s faces, like a balaclava, on a bank robber, going for an easy heist. After a year and a half, of the dead presidents, and our continued climb up the inflation ladder, despair returns to our homes. The reality is here, clear as day, that it will take more, then Just green backs, to cure whatever, dis-ease has infected the Zim economy. Inflation continua.

In this article I want to introduce a new term, that I see at the heart of the dis-ease and that is leadership selection. Leadership selection, is not about the ability of citizens to elect leaders, in my opinion all voting systems are flawed, even in the best of demo-crazies like given USA, where people like Obama took advantage of cognitive science(nudge) and manipulated the people’s vote in his favor. Leadership selection is more, in line with Darwinian natural selection, in that the people of Zimbabwe are trapped in a national consciousness that evolved by a direct or indirect result of leadership.

Consciousness is simply a set of beliefs, based on perception and conditioning, and it can be altered at any time. In order for me to prove why Zim will never be repaired, I will have to dive deeper and explain fundamental aspects of the Zim collective consciousness.

In Lewis Carrolls, Alice in wonderland, one of the characters talks about, thinking 6 impossible things before breakfast, in Zimbabwe the average person thinks of 7 complaints, about Zimbabwe before real or imagined break-fast. Zimbabweans have a tendency to focus on the negative, they carry it around with them like a mad-dallion, on a rappers neck.

The following are extracts from my first 5 clients of the day.

Client 1
Can you believe yesterday, we had no electricity for 16 hours, and the f——-ers at Zesa blah blah blah

Oh that is good, you mean you did have like 8 hours electricity?

Client 1
Half the month I don’t receive any zesa(new word for electricity) and you should see the bills I get, like I am running a gold mine from home.

What do you use the zesa on?

Client 2
Mostly for the fridge and stove and tv, though the fridge is not so essential, we never have enough money to fill it, and the stove, well I am now prefer the little gas one, I bought a few months ago. But the TV you understand, how can one live, without a TV, I mean imagine no TV, in a house, what would one, point their furniture at.

Client 3
We have not received water from Zinwa, in like over one year now, so my husband had a bore hole dug, I was so happy, I thought that is the water problem sorted and then some f——-er came and stole the bore hole pump, I tell you, it never ends.

Client 4
Can you believe those bastards, at the bank had the nerve to charge me 50c for checking my bank balance, I mean half a dollar, that is like the equivalent of 10 sweets.

Client 5
I was stopped by the police and made to pay a fine, for not stopping at a stop sign which was not there. Someone stole the sign, but because it used to be there, I had to pay the fine, the police man even showed me the pole, where the sign used to be, what kind of freaky sh*te is that.

An Issue of sanctions
The L selection, tells us that our misery thinking, is brought on by sanctions, and many argue that sanctions is nothing more than an illusion. We know for sure, that they are travel bans imposed on our leadership, and while not on paper there is a travel ban, on all of the green mamba passport persuasion, to all that is western. Just a few months ago, my aunt(no way a supporter of PF) was refused entry to that deep fridge called Canada, to attend the wedding of one of her kids.   She appealed and offered them her title deeds as proof that she intends to return after the wedding, but the women behind the thick glass, who was hired for ability to never smile, said in a local Shona accent ” No means NO!”

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Diamonds in the rough
Round about the time, the money printing machines were grinding to a halt and one was led to belief that this great artery of life for the Zimbabweans, all now trillionaires, was going to lead to our final demise. God looked down on Zim his garden of Eden, and from the soil brought forth the largest body of diamond wealth, in the world. The national collective consciousness came alive once again with hopes and dreams, the past was forgotten, and whenever the consciousness, saw a hummer or a beemer, they all nodded in agreement, “diamonds !. ” It may have been a beemer, hot off the streets of South Africa, or a beemer produced by the money printing machines, but the collective consciousness was blinded by
the dull stones.  95% percent of marriages, that have a diamond engagement end in divorce, seems that diamonds are not forever.
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