Chapter 1

The Hate that binds

sa flag

South Africa is a country built on hate.
There’s no escaping it, no denying hate, for we all know, without hate South Africa would not exist. It is hate that created us, hate that connects us, hate that pulls us, hate that guides us, hate that drives us, hate that binds us, it is hate that defines us.

Human perception is a strange thing, we focus so often on closed doors, not seeing that the walls have fallen down. There is a symbolic picture of the South African mind-set below. The fuzzy problems we face everyday, rape, murder, corruption and etc. But when one takes their mind and focus only on the center(black dot) of what it means to be human, love and brotherhood, all other problems fade away. Are you focusing on the problems in your life? Or you focusing on solutions?


You can not enjoy the gift of the present, or build a better future by holding on to the past. You can not drive a car while looking into the review mirror.


Focus on the dot in the center of the image for a few minutes to understand!

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 1

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  4. We all think we have problems in our lives: money, health, relationships, and then we read something by someone with “real” problems. I’ve always believed, “I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.” You, my dear, know real adversity. Writing about your life and culture, I hope, helps you and your loved ones deal with the injustices in the world. I send you my empathy and compassion. I know it’s not much, but a tiny voice in this world reaches out to touch your life.

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  6. Very interesting, enjoyed it a lot, hate is a big thing out here, but I have always held that fear is also a big stumbling block. How wonderful it would be if we had neither and people grew together in friendship. Thanks for following and liking my blog, best wishes and blessings Charles.

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